Entry #1

Kastorcin Corp.

2008-11-22 08:15:33 by kastorcin

Hola gente! Soy Andy Martínez, el creador de Kastorcin Corp.! He hecho esta cuenta en Newgrounds para ir colgando las animaciones y los juegos que hagamos! Espero que disfruteis de ellos! Adiós!

Hello people! I'm Andy Martínez, the creator of Kastorcin Corp.! I think you don't know what is this. Ok, I explain you. Kastorcin Corp. is a manganime Spanish web. In it you can find games, videos, comics and much more! I make this account in Newgrounds for put here my animations and games. I hope you enjoy it! My English isn't perfect, but I think you can understand me. Bye!

Kastorcin Corp.


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